We’re Problem Solvers.

Clever, imaginative, dedicated, responsive problem-solvers.
And you? Are you short-staffed with a new product to launch? Maybe you’re needing to educate the masses on how your product solves their problem? We can help.

Our work is both inventive and insightful

Our inspired messages and artful designs will leave a lasting impression on your audience. From marketing ballyhoo to barefaced information, we offer personalized partnership.

We’ve been around the block once or twice.

Our experience is extensive . . . we’ve helped share the good news about revolutionary medical devices that improve clinical care, evolutionary IT systems that aid healthcare reform, and just-in guidelines and recommendations that connect groundbreaking information to the forefront of healthcare delivery.

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What Our Customers Think

HoweCreative has been a tremendous communications partner for me at several organizations over the years. Their ability to translate strategic vision and intent into simple, clear, and emotive messaging concepts that resonate with both clinicians and patients has been at the heart of our successtogether. Whenever I look to find a way to reach customers with a message that can move them, I go to Howe. Amar Patnaik Sr. Marketing Manager, Hardware and Software
Howe is our go-to creative house. They have the experience, talent, and original insights to quickly deliver best-of-class products, helping us grow our business.Brian Jackman Director of Marketing Encision Inc.

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